We build lasting personal and professional relationships with all of our clients.
Here are some of the perks you will get to enjoy after becoming apart of our family.

Increased Exposure

Showing up as one of the top results in a Google search means one thing--people are going to find you before they find your competitor. Experience the increase your business deserves.

Expanded Customer Base

Our services drive more paying customers to your website, product, or front door than any other strategy out there.

Increased Revenue

Witness an increase in your bottom line from all of the new customers being pulled in from your website or social media page.

Family Atmosphere

We insist on establishing lasting personal and professional relationships with all of our clients, big or small. Whether you have a problem or question, we are always here to help you.

Monthly Reports

We send monthly reports to you with ranking changes, internet marketing news, and recommendations to solidify your place at the top.

Site Security

We spend dozens of hours per month analyzing and searching for changes in our industry. This, in combination with being in contact with some of the best SEO's in the world, means one thing: we see and prepare for changes before the other guy.

Complete Domination

Understand that we are not satisfied with you having only one ranking on the first page of Google--we want you to have the entire thing.

Done In-House

We do not outsource, cut corners, or try to expedite the ranking process by implementing black-hat techniques. We treat your site like our own.

Worry-Free Contracts

We offer month-to-month contracts to all of our clients. If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, the last thing we would want to do is force you to stay.

Ethan and his team are prominent members of the SEO community. They only use the most up-to-date technology and strategy, which gets their clients some of the fastest rankings I have seen. True professionals in our field.

– Jarno Tuovinen

SEO in Montreal

Hello and welcome to Omega SEO. It was by no accident that you were able to find this webpage but, instead, made possible by the sole power of search engine optimization. Utilizing professional search engine optimization services allows businesses like our own to make a powerful first impression on potential clients like yourself. Chances are you able to find this page by typing in a term similar to "SEO Montreal". Predictably, we were able to easily rank ourselves for this difficult term which lab are you being able to find it and visit our website. Been given the ability as a business to make a powerful first impression is one of the most valuable asset to the business can use. Utilizing search engine optimization and, especially a Montreal SEO, is one of the highest return on investments you could possibly make.

Before we get into this article, which was designed to give you the tools you need to find a professional search engine optimization expert, we highly recommend you first visit our discovery page by clicking the link in the navigation bar above. Upon filling out the information a member of our staff will review your individual case and provide you with reports of how to best structure your SEO campaign. We realize that you may not be completely convinced on using us as your Montreal SEO Expert, but are still more than willing to provide these reports if it helps to ensure that, whoever you decide to use, you will have a successful search engine optimization campaign.

SEO Provides The Best ROI

Utilizing professional search engine optimization services while your business itself presented at the top I'm Google search results. This will result in a massive influx of highly targeted, ready to buy traffic being sent to your business website. Not only is this traffic instantly valuable in the form of increasing your bottom line, is also valuable as some of the clients will remember your business name, thus increasing your online authority and brand recognition.

Very often we speak with business owners who have relied for months or even years on running Google ads. Those businesses that have chosen to outsource this service in the past are always surprised to discover that, regardless of what they have been told, the best Google ads only attract approximately 2% of all search traffic for that specific term. The use of ad blockers have significantly reduce this percentage of clicks in recent months and years.

In contrast, the number one organic ranking position in Google search results requires approximately 32% of all search traffic. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this result is 16x more effective than even the best Google Ad. In addition, Google ads stop producing whatever results they are able to immediately after payment has ceased. In contrast, utilizing a true Montreal SEO agency will produce results and rankings that last weeks, months, or even years after the work has been successfully completed. This provides your business with a golden opportunity increase your ROI long past the term of your search engine optimization contract.

Having A Pretty Website Isn't Enough!

Many businesses believe the key to having a high Google ranking us to have a beautiful and responsive website. While these two factors do not hurt your conversion rates, they do not necessarily help with the ability for your website to rank. A beautiful website located on page 2 of a Google search result is, essentially, invisible. Statistics show that 95% of people will never make it to the second page of Google search results. If you are midway through the second page of Google, the chances of you actually being clicked on are sub 1%. As we mentioned earlier, the first organic ranking is acquiring approximately 32% of all traffic. Without being on page one of Google you are essentially giving paying customers away to your Competition who has decided to utilize a Montreal SEO firm. I'm sure we can both agree that no business, regardless of how big a popular they are, can afford to give away clients.

How Is My Site Optimized?

Optimizing a webpage comes in the form of two incredibly important parts. The first part is known as on page optimization. This involves your professional search engine optimization provider to carefully comb through your website and test things including keyword density, site load speed, image optimization, and script efficiency. All of these factors and long many others are paramount in the quest to have a successful completion of on page optimization. Your expert and may have to rearrange your page and change a few specific elements in order to ensure a fast and efficient page loading time. This alone is one key factor that Google ways in its determination of how were the site is to rank at the top. Please note that this load time varies greatly between optimization for desktop and mobile optimization strategies.

The second phase of this journey is called off page optimization. In this phase your SEO expert is responsible for finding in acquiring high-quality back links from authority sites in your industry. These authority sides are not meant to be your competitors and are also meant to be sent to your site in a very specific order. Your professional should be able to decide how fast or slow to link back to your site based on a few factors. They will need to take a look at the site in advance to have the opportunity to formulate the proper plan. What's this plan is decided, the most important part is obviously execution. The complete responsibility of the link building falls on the shoulders of your search engine optimization expert.

Watch Out For These Guys

Look, there is a reason why so many business owners across so many regions of the world having negative taste in their mouth's when it comes to Internet marketing. It is usually because they have fallen for somebody's talk in the past where they, in reality, only dabbled in search engine optimization. The result was the business owner being promised the world but the "expert" failing to deliver. So many individuals that approach just say the exact same thing: "We have spent so much money on this stuff before in the past, been promised the world, only to have these experts fail to deliver on what they say." This happens more often than not it makes the job of convincing potential clients to allow us to help them much more difficult. We strive to be the last SEO you'll ever have to work with. This means that we always over-promise and ALWAYS over deliver.

Do you also want to watch out for "experts" who well, again, promise you the world but will not show your client testimonials to back up their claims. It is relatively common for SEO's to refuse referrals as most require a nondisclosure agreement to be signed before work begins. It is for this reason that we always say never to judge the quality of their optimization techniques by this alone, but rather by the number of testimonials they had received in the past. You should also ask them to show you any personal rankings that they have been able to achieve. This alone will be too great indicators that will inform you of how much of a "expert" they actually are.

Where We Suggest You Begin Your Search

By far the best place for you to begin your search for a search engine optimization professional is by asking your friends and family. Chances are they have used somebody in the past that has been successful. If this is not the case then the next place we invite you to look is on message boards. Message boards and online forums are able to provide you with a list of people that could possibly help your business. Once you formulate this list of search engine optimization providers, we then recommend for you to ask them the same questions we have provided to you earlier.

Finally, we recommend you fill out and submit our discovery page by clicking the link at the top of this page and the navigation bar or by simply clicking the button believe this article. Regardless of who you decide to use for your search engine optimization services we want to help ensure you have a successful campaign. After submitting the information we will be able to review it and return to you with a review to either approve of us to use, or to take to somebody else as an outline. Please do the right thing and contact us by any of the messages below!

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