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We're the ultra-competitive, ROI-driven, and no-BS Bern SEO agency you've always needed. Learn how our experts can craft, refine, and launch your own custom campaign today!


You Searched Bern SEO And Found Us...

It wasn't random chance or by accident, and it wasn't from our team waving a magic wand to take one of the top spots in Google. You finding us on the first page of Google in Bern is a direct result of the hard work our team has done behind the scenes to prove to Google we deserve a top spot. It's the same hard work we do for each and every one of our clients, and the same hard work we'd love to do for you.

Here's What Sets Us Apart

Our #1 Focus Is Your ROI

Not how many keywords we can rank your website for, how many people visit and click aimlessly around on your website, and certainly not how many spammers fill your contact forms asking to accept a wire for millions of dollars or to join some sketchy online "friend-finder". Our job as SEO's, above all else, is to make sure for every $1.00 you hand us we return back at LEAST $2.00 (or $8.25 as our clients report). We do this by focusing on the QUALITY of the keywords we rank your website for, the QUALITY of the traffic your website receives as a result, and the QUALITY of the contact form completions produced by that traffic. 

We Provide Monthly Reports Anyone Can Understand

We're supposed to be the SEO experts, not you. We provide short, over-the-shoulder videos at the end of every month to show you the work that has been done and walk you through exactly where we see things going over the next 30, 60, or 90 days. No beating around the bush and no BS--hard numbers only.  

We Have A Worry-Free SEO Contract

You won't need to hire an attorney to understand our SEO contract. We are simple people through and through, and simple people write simple contracts. Everything is spelled out so simply a third-grader fresh off nap time can understand it! (That may be a little much, but you know what we mean).

Other Awesome Features Of Our SEO Agency

We're proud of who we've worked to become.

In-House Team

Your campaign will NEVER be subcontracted out to discount agencies in India, Serbia, or any other less expensive country. You trust US to do the work, so we will. Happily.

Self-Hosted Testing Network

We've spent years building a dedicated network of websites specifically for testing purposes. Our clients are not our guinea pigs. We try new strategies on our own sites, prove them, master them, and THEN implement them on our client's websites. The way it should be.

Fast Response Times

We don't believe in support tickets, helpdesk emails or "customer numbers". When you have a question you pick up the phone or send us an email directly. We'll often reply back with an answer in less than 12 minutes. No matter the time or day.

We Can Think For Ourselves

We don't need you to hold our hands. You can go out, work hard and make sure the cash register keeps ringing--we'll make sure your site is all squared away on-time and on-budget.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We make sure to go the extra mile by getting your website dialed in to convert people from visitors to customers. After all, what value do you see just from people clicking around?

Wide Array Of Services

Whether you'd like to invest in a new website, a Google Ads campaign, or a Social Media Marketing service, we have exclusive media buyers and in-house support to make sure you never need to look elsewhere. 

Numbers Don't Lie...

Satisfied Clients (And Counting)

Average Campaign ROI


Client Retention Rate

Why Is SEO In Bern Different?

Performs ~20x Better Than PPC (Source: Moz)

On average, the top-ranked paid result (ad) has about a 2% chance of being clicked on. The top-ranked organic result, however, has about a 32% chance. The trade-off here is that while organic results may drastically outperform paid results, they take MUCH longer to get up and going. Ads can be launched in a day, SEO takes time but the pay-off is huge in comparison. 

Taps Into An Audience Facebook Ads Could Never Match

When you run a Facebook ad, you are pushing your product in your customer's face and hoping the image and ad copy is strong enough to break they attention away from the cat photos they were staring at. You are going to them. With SEO, you are letting them come to YOU. The reason is that nobody is forcing them to go onto Google and type in, for example,  Bern SEO Experts--they are taking the initiative and, because of this, are giving your website and business the attention it deserves to generate high-quality, interested leads.

Runs At A Fixed Cost

Unlike Google Ads, whose model requires advertisers to bid more and more for the top ad position (thereby contributing to rising ad costs and smaller profit margins) rankings produced by SEO can often be kept with little to maintenance/cost. This means as others continue to increase their monthly advertising budget to lock in that 2%, you can sit back and continue to watch MORE clicks roll in for LESS.

You're In A Hot Market!

Every month hundreds, if not thousands of interested people looking for help turn to Google for a solution. Currently, they are finding, clicking on, and hiring your competition. Even if the work they do is inferior to yours. This is because people have learned to trust the companies Google displays on the first page. If you'd like to go out stake your claim and attract the traffic and Bern-based customers you deserve, reach out to us!

Why We Do What We Do

Omega SEO was founded to provide the honest, transparent, safe, and effective search engine optimization service your business has always NEEDED, but hasn't been able to FIND.

We take pride in our tireless pursuit to provide a better, faster, and stronger service each and every day to businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to 150-location, $130 Million dollar per year organizations (and everything in between)... 


Partnered With The Best In The Business


How much?

Our minimum monthly retainer is $2,500. This number is actually on the low-end for the premium SEO industry. We've selected this figure with the hope of attracting a few more smaller companies who we can grow from ground-level. 


Unfortunately no. Just like how the best criminal defense attorneys never offer "innocent or your money back" deals to their clients, we can't offer any guarantees to ours. We are not Google. We play by their rules and their algorithms. That said, we've never NOT been able to rank a website in Google.

What Happens After Our Contract Ends?

Our campaigns are designed so that your rankings last long after our agreement has come to an end. If it was our choice we'd never want to have to touch your website again once we've finished with it. Depending on your industry (and how competitive it is) we may be able to leave your site as is, or we may need to consider a maintenance retainer to make sure you retain your top rankings. Case by case thing.

Why You?

We don't beat around the bush and our word is our bond. We tell you what you need to hear, even if it's probably not what you WANT to hear, and when we say we are going to do something for you we do it. No acceptions.

How Long?

We sign fixed-term contracts that can range in duration from 6-14 months, depending on how much we need to take care of for you.

Payment Methods?

Check or credit card for monthly retainers less than $10,000. Monthly retainers $10,000 and over require a wire transfer. 

Have You Ever Worked With A...?

Probably. We've been around the block a few times. Reach out with specifics and we'd be more than happy to let you know either way.

Our Latest Projects

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An example of one of our corporate SEO engagements.

Patriot Roofing & Construction

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