CCG Roofing Colorado

We built a lightweight, modern, and infinitely scalable website that’s set to dominate North-Central Colorado within the next 12-24 months.

Project Overview

This website build-out was recently completed for one of our clients, CCG Roofing & Project Management. When we began, CCG was utilizing an old, outdated website that was built back in 2013. The old website had minimal content, was not operating on a secure platform (such as WordPress) and was not structured in a way that would encourage an organic increase in site traffic.

The Process

We first started by purchasing a new domain. This is not always required. The reason why we chose to do this in this case is because their old domain did not contain any keywords or phrases that would provide a power boost in Google. When trying to rank a website in Google (SEO), having the domain name “” is not nearly as effective as As you can see, one has keywords that help Google understand what the website is about and where it should rank, and the other doesn’t. After the new domain name was purchased, we went to our go-to hosting service. We always use SiteGround to host our WordPress-based websites. They have fantastic customer service and invest a ton back into their infrastructure, which means we can have the peace of mind knowing our client’s website will remain secure and continue to load quickly, no matter the day or time. The next step of the process was to plan out exactly how the website should be structured. Apart from having the standard pages on the site (Home, About, Contact, etc) we also chose to add:
  • Specific services offered
  • Towns/cities/states to offer these services in
  • A design studio
  • An online payment processing page
As well as a few other pages. Whenever we build a website, we do our best to work with our clients to predict where the business will be in the next 5 years. What services will they offer? Where will they offer them? And so on. We do this because it is better to completely build the website out from the beginning and let the pages mature and build authority over time, rather than creating them five years from now and expecting the same sort of positive outcome SEO-wise. After 3 weeks we submitted the website to the business owners for a preliminary review. Requested changes were returned to us and made within the week.  The website was delivered on time and on-budget. As a final step we linked their current Google My Business and GSuite profiles to the website, as well as Google Analytics.  Before we turned over the keys, we made sure to install the best speed and image optimization plugins available, which significantly lowered the page load time, thereby increasing the overall user experience and, with it, the conversion rate.

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