Patriot Roofing And Construction

A web hijacking, rebuild, and massive, sustained success.

Project summary

We were put in touch with Patriot Roofing and Construction (PRC) immediately following the expiration of their SEO agreement with their previous agency.

After running simple, low-level tests on their website, it was apparently obvious their previous agency were better web designers than SEO’s…and that’s not saying much. 

PRC found themselves stuck with a website that was not up to snuff and failed to rank anywhere meaningful in Google. One lead per month was the norm.

We went in, identified numerous, high-value keywords for PRC to capitalize on, and set a plan in motion. 

The Strategy

The first phase of our strategy was to comb through each and every page of their website and identify areas of improvement.

As soon as we began our analysis of the website their previous agency tore the website down and demanded payments to release the site files.

Rather than paying their fees, we decided to go the extra mile and build a brand new website out for PRC at no additional cost.

That way we would be able to structure the website exactly as we wanted and have FULL control over the backend. 

We managed to get a close replica of the website built out and live in less than one week.

Their previous agency also suspended PRC’s Google My Business profile, which had over 60 5-star reviews at the time and was a major selling point for their potential customers.

Again, they demanded fees to unsuspend the listing, but we still weren’t willing to play that game.

Thanks to our network, connections in Google, and a bit of Photoshop, we were able to transfer ownership of the profile back to the rightful owner with no means of recourse for their previous agency.

Now that the website and Google my business profiles were squared away, it was finally time to push into the actual SEO aspect of our campaign.

Campaign Results

Patriot Roofing & Construction went from a hijacked website and Google My Business profile to #2 in Google’s organic search results on-time and on-budget.

We were able to dominate other roofing contractors who had been serving the area for decades longer than PRC was, and whose websites were well-established on the first page.

PRC’s website experienced a 3600% increase in website impressions and established a new, steady flow of fresh, high-quality leads and calls thanks to the new rankings. 7.5x MORE leads per month than when we first began.

Since completion of this campaign we have continued working with PRC to establish a strong online presence throughout all towns within their service area. 

We’ve quickly approaching the point where we will have top rankings for any/all roofing contractor-related keywords throughout North-Central Utah.





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