SEO Statistics

In an effort to continuously educate our current and potential clients, we have created this page detailing some of the most mind-blowing statistics about search engine optimization. After every statistic, we have included the link back to the third-party data source for your reference. These statistics are valid as of January, 2018, and are constantly updated should they become inaccurate.

  • 79 percent: The percentage of all global desktop search traffic Google captured, followed by Bing at 7.27%, Baidu at 6.55% and Yahoo at 5.06%.(NetMarketShare)
  • 1,890 words: The average content length of a Google first page result. (Backlinko)
  • 91.5 percent: The average traffic share generated by the sites listed on the first Google search results page. (Chitika)
  • 200 percent: The percentage Google “near me” searches have increased by over the past year.(Search Engine Watch)
  • $72.02 billion: The estimated amount brands and agencies in the United States will shell out for SEO services in 2018. The amount is forecasted to rise up to $79.27 billion by 2020. (Borrell Associates)
  • 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. (Google/Ipsos MediaCT/Purchased)
  • 14.6 percent: The average close rate of an SEO Lead. Outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. (Search Engine Journal)
  • 41 percent of large companies consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic. (Ascend2/Conductor)
  • 1 billion+: How many people use Google search every month. (Google via Business Insider)
  • ~20: The number of times SEO has more traffic opportunity than PPC on both mobile and desktop. (Jumpshot/Moz)
  • 18 percent of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day. (Google/Ipsos MediaCT/Purchased)
  • 65 percent of people use their phone in their I-want-to-buy moments. (Think with Google)
  • >$5,000: The monthly amount majority of businesses are spending on SEO. (Moz)
  • 79 percent of people took a relevant action on their phone prior to making a purchase. (Think with Google)
  • 45 percent of all companies say content marketing is ‘highly integrated’ with their SEO strategy. (Econsultancy)