When your business doesn’t show up on Google’s top search results, it can cost you customers.

It’s also frustrating. You know that your business is just as good or better than the top three, but your company doesn’t show up in the user’s results. Potential customers head elsewhere instead, pointed in that direction by Google.

So how do you solve this major marketing headache?

The answer is in your use of search engine optimization strategies.

Skilled SEO techniques maximize your company’s search exposure and visibility, netting you a top place on Google’s search results.

That’s what we do for you at Omega SEO, using Google Maps, the local 3-pack, and more.

This breakdown explains how our company uses these factors to create the Holy Grail of marketing.

Google Maps and the Local 3-Pack

Google Maps and 3-pack marketing is a major source of revenue for businesses who know how to take advantage of it.

It’s a complex mix of strategies. These include using Google My Business, site optimization, and other important SEO techniques to rank your business in the top local 3-pack listings.

The 3-pack is Google’s method that breaks down the top three search results for the local SERP. This keeps the final results pertinent to the querying user’s location.

If you want to be relevant to Google, you’ve got to know how to make it happen. But there’s no “easy” way to get the job done.

Google’s formula for relevancy is smart. It eliminates companies who duplicate others and provide irrelevant data. Only the true local industry leaders make it to the 3-pack.

Getting there requires a unique SEO strategy for each business. Some optimization companies provide blanket strategies to everyone, but at Omega SEO, we know your ROI depends on the individualized approach.

Omega SEO’s optimization services aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. We work with you to investigate your business’s needs and goals. Then we create a fully detailed solution that will increase your search exposure on Google Maps and the highly coveted Google 3-pack.

Optimizing your Google Maps SEO

Registering on Google Maps is different than getting in the 3-pack. This is because most people use Google Maps for local, immediate searches.

If your company bases its target market mostly on nearby customers, you’ve got to optimize your SEO for Google Maps. It’s a crucial step, especially if you have any competition in the area.

Google Maps is used by millions of people daily. The results send local traffic to their destination. People rely on the accuracy of their searches, so the Google Maps formula ensures the results only include highly qualified businesses.

When your company ends up in the final SERPs for a local user, you’re more likely to get the business from that person.

But you must have the information available on your site that matches the search query, and it has to be considered relevant enough to make it into Google’s ranking factors.

These Google Maps SEO factors are different than organic SEO. They include variables such as:

  • A verified Google My Business page
  • The legitimacy of the website’s domain and security
  • How many times the business was “cited” on other legitimate web listings
  • The citation wording on the website and its linking specifications with Google My Business
  • The business’s location to the geo-target
  • Ratings and reviews from Google My Business Local
  • The optimization of the Google My Business Local page

All of these factors and how they interconnect is a complex web that must be woven together for your business. And the importance of the final results is why you can’t entrust your SEO marketing to just anyone.

Omega SEO focuses on your ROI, which means we pay attention to every factor and how it all works together.

Think: Return on Investment

Digital queries are free for the user, making them the number one form of solicited feedback for millions of people.

You’re missing out on potential business if you’re not optimized to take advantage of these free searches.

It’s a digital world that’s not going away. More than 80% of people own smartphones, and that number is increasing as older generations decrease. Your business has to learn to market to a mobile target.

Most Google searches from a phone are specifically intended to find a local product or information with a nearby solution. Google Maps is the best advertising your company can get if your target market is in the area.

The Google Maps features include pertinent information that answers questions about your business, such as your hours, address, ratings, and reviews. This reduces repetitive phone calls to you and increases the likelihood of the searcher choosing one of the top listings as their solution.

What Web Properties are Necessary for Local Maps Optimization?

Omega SEO’s strategies include making sure your business shows up on all of the search engines. To do this, our first priority is to make sure you’re listed and verified on Google My Business.

This process requires a lot of details to be checked off, such as:

  • Ensuring all relevant information is up to date, including contact info, addresses, and hours of operation
  • Inserting images or videos of your business to attract the user
  • Adding the right keyword tags to your Google My Business page to get your listing categorized appropriately
  • Checking for your business’s citations and optimizing them for accuracy
  • Executing a strategy to bring in more 5-star reviews from local listings

When all of these variables come into play together, it creates a strong SEO presence that can’t be ignored by Google, knocking your competition into the background.