What Is SEO?


SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is, by no means, a new form of internet marketing. Originally developed just months after the launch of search engines back in the late 90's, SEO involves skillfully manipulating search results to favor some businesses over others. Since then, tens of thousands of updates have been made to the Google ranking algorithm, which have left countless search engine optimization agencies struggling to produce results, or closing their doors entirely. Remaining on the forefront of research and development in this industry is crucial for both agency and client success, but it is not easy.

Why Do You Need It?

Nine billion searches queries are submitted to Google every single day. That is over six million per minute. These searches come from desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and, more recently, home assistants with voice search capabilities. When people have a question, or want to find out more information about a product or service, they turn to Google. Over 80% of them do anyways. This includes friends, family and, most importantly for your business, your clients.

How Do We Do This?

Over the years we have bought and maintained thousands of personal websites strictly for testing purposes. We would try one ranking strategy with one, but not another, and see which one produced the best results--basically a trial-by-fire approach. We believe doing this sort of research and development at the scale we have is very unique to the search engine optimization community, and has had a lot to do with the level of success we have achieved for our clients.

By maintaining this network of personal websites, not a single ranking strategy is rolled out to our clients without vigorous testing first. Another benefit of keeping these sites under our control is that we can project, with sometimes months in advance, future ranking algorithm updates. Our clients are prepared to take full advantage of these changes before most competitors are even aware of them.

All of the work we do is 100% white-hat. This means all chances of your website being penalized by Google (which is a common result from black-hat ranking methods) is eliminated. Our work is also done completely in-house by a trained team, and is closely monitored by our founder, Ethan Petroka.

Apologies if this answer is, well, a bit vague. We do want to express to you that you are in good hands, but we cannot risk spilling any information we have worked so hard to attain (our competitors frequent our website for any new news).

What About Other Methods Of Internet Marketing?

While we do recognize every business in unique in it's goals, search engine optimization has been statistically proven to be the most effective inbound marketing system for your business. It drives 300% more traffic to websites than social media campaigns, and leads convert at an average 14.5%. In the tab at the top of the page, you can check out an SEO fact sheet detailing why exactly you should seriously consider jumping into a search engine optimization campaign.