A No-BS Approach To Who We Are

What You Need To Know

We are the invite-only search engine optimization agency responsible for helping hundreds of businesses ranging in size from mom-and-pop shops to household names experience massive, long-term, and highly-profitable success in Google’s organic search results.

What does it mean to be “invite-only”? It means we are very selective when it comes time to choosing who we work with. We do not want ANY problem clients, so much so that we’re willing for our decision to cost us business–we’d rather work with (and transform the businesses of) just a few solid, honest, down-to-Earth people than have hundreds of people jumping down our throat twice a day.

Our campaigns have transformed dozens of small business owners from “just getting by” to multi-millionaires in just a few years.

This is because, unlike the typical SEO agency who focuses on the quantity of keywords they can rank their clients for, we put ALL of our energy into finding QUALITY.

Not a single SEO campaign is launched until multiple third-party data sources have confirmed our projections.

Not a single SEO campaign is launched until we are confident our client’s ROI will meet or exceed our historical 8.25x average.

Our secondary focus, behind our client’s results, is providing the honest, transparent, and safe SEO experience people have spent years waiting to find.

We tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you WANT to hear.

That said, we do not work with everybody who comes our way and completes a contact form.

In reality, we’ve worked very hard to be spoiled for choice, and our choice is very specific.

So here is what OUR ideal client looks like.


Our Ideal Client

  • Has an already active and successful business. SEO is generally NOT start-up friendly. Similarly, due to the nature of our services, our ideal clients must already have the existing cashflow necessary to maintain the monthly retainer required for us to work. If your website is starting from square one, you may be looking at 6-8 months of monthly retainer payments before you begin to see a return, this number varies based on your unique situation.
  • Has a long-term mindset. Search engine optimization is not, by nature, a service that will deliver an ROI quickly. If you are looking for a day one ROI, go run ads. As stated above, our services take time–any search term we can rank your website for overnight is likely worth nothing to your business. Our ideal client understands this inherent timeline and looks at their investment in us as an investment in their own business that’ll pay dividends for years to come.
  • TRUSTS US. Our ideal client is not calling, texting, or emailing in every day asking for progress reports or campaign status updates. They are not rushing us to finish the campaign early. They are not sending “the sky is falling” emails when they search Google and see their ranking went from #30 to #50 (normal). They understand we are professionals who do this day in and day out and are well aware of what is going on with their campaign.
  • Diversifies their marketing efforts. We refuse to work with companies who are, essentially, placing all their eggs into the SEO basket. To us, this is a sign the business may not be mature enough. Our ideal clients often treat SEO services as a long-term marketing play in addition to their current, short-term efforts. 
  • Knows nothing about SEO, and has no intention to learn. We do not want our clients making surprise “improvements” or “additions” to the website while we are working on it. While our contract is active, their website is ours (not literally, you know what we mean). Our LEAST favorite type of client is someone who reads one poorly-written SEO article and believes they are an expert or believe they have the ability to even begin to understand all the work we do behind the scenes to produce the end result. They stay in their lane, we stay in ours.

All That Said

All that said, if you believe you meet the criteria, or even come close, feel free to apply. Even if we aren’t able to take you on as a client of ours, we’re still more than happy to take a look and see what you have going on and to give you some ideas on how you can make it all better.

At the end of the day, we are looking to work with hard-working, honest people who will let us do what we do best, and who we won’t have to chase around to be paid. 

If you can meet those criteria, whether you are a massive organization or mom-and-pop shop, then you’re already 98% of the way there.

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